Defence Force Guys Fly the Cirrus

The Australian Army Pilots came from Darwin to fly the Cirrus SR22.     They wanted exposure to advanced flight systems and glass cockpit display as part of the introduction into service of the ARH....Armed Reconnaisance Helicopter and the MRH90....the new Trooplift Helicopter.

Dean, David, Drew and Chad were from the 1st Aviation Regiment based in Darwin. They had been operating the Kiowa, a Military Bell 206, 317 hp, Gas Turbine, 2 crew light observation helicopter. They generally operate with two aircraft on reconnaisance in support of the ground forces, and participate in major exercises several times a year throughout Australia.

David O'Brien is 26 years old and from The Sunshine Coast. He has been in The Army for nearly five years. "I first applied to The Army when I was 17 years old and got rejected. I worked in hospitality and started learning to fly a Tomahawk. I continued flying and got my Private Pilot Licence, then I went on to achieve my Commercial Pilot Licence. Then after joining The Army, I also added my Recreational Pilot Licence."

Drew Burkitt in the seat and David O'Brien on the wing....

Drew Burkitt originally from Brisbane, has been in the Army for 7 years as an SSO, Specialist Service Officer. He says, "There are two ways to a General Service Officer, GSO, or SSO. It's about motivation and aptitude.

The Army has got a lot to offer....

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Excellent flying training, along with varied military and life experiences.
  • The professionalism of the military aviator
  • The quality of the aircraft
  • The opportunity to operate advanced helicopters and use leading edge technology 
  • and also the lifestyle!"

David landing the Cirrus....

Dean with Chad filling up his logbook at the end of a long day....



Morning mission....

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