Jack Madeley First Solo


"I like flying because of the feel of freedom and the adrenalin rush. Flying in the sky like a bird with an open cockpit is as good as it gets. Gazing down at the ground with the views you experience, makes me realize that flying is the best way to see the world and the landmarks that lay beyond you."

Collette, Jack's Mum writes, "Jack's first solo was 2 days after his 15th birthday. We had given Jack a flying lesson for his birthday and were all anticipating that it would be used for his first solo, (although we all knew in the back of our minds that it was up to Martyn and did depend on Jack and the flying conditions on the day.)

Jack had been talking about his first solo continuously over the past few months and he was really looking forward to it and had already said that he felt ready.

The day turned out to be great, the sun was shining, no wind. Jack woke in high spirits, unable to talk about anything else except his lesson later that day.

The time came and Jack and Martyn took off. Was today going to be the day???

We patiently sat on the deck watching the circuits. Some of Jack's landings seemed to be bumpy, so we thought that today may not be the day. They had been up in the air for about 50 minutes, when they landed and stopped over on the far runway.

We were not sure what was happening until we saw Martyn's legs on the ground! Oh......it was happening we thought. Jack was on his own about to attempt his first solo! WOW!


Jack Madeley.jpg

Martyn watching Jack's landing on his first solo in the Sport Cub....


Suddenly hearts began racing, nerves appeared! Gaylene and others came outside onto the deck where it was abuzz! Everybody was watching and talking about Jack.

We jumped up from our seats in excitement. Jack took off and we felt so many different emotions....excitement, fear, disbelief, awe....Jack's voice came over the radio, he sounded so calm....I was shaking, tears were appearing!!


Jack Madeley (1).jpg

Taxiing to his Instructor....


We felt incredibly proud and lucky (blessed) to be sharing such a special moment in Jack's life. Jack did 2 great circuits then landed where Martyn was waiting for him. That was a special moment to see, Jack and Martyn shake hands.


Jack Madeley (4).jpg



We went out to join them and congratulate Jack. We had never seen Jack so happy....he was glowing! He had achieved what he had been working hard towards.


Jack Madeley (6).jpg

Yes!....Really happy....


Jack Madeley (10).jpg


Jack proved to himself that with hard work and commitment, he is able to achieve whatever he dreams of.


Jack Madeley (9).jpg


Well done Jack....."


Jack Madeley (11).jpg


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