Luke Bayly....New Recreational Licence

"I have been flying in aircraft since I was about 7. My family left Australia when I was 10 years old to live in The Kingdom of Brunei,   and then The Phillippines.  Hence, I have had many long flights overseas, and have island hopped around most of Asia. I came back to Australia when I was 18 to attend Adelaide University and study for a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Finance. I am in my third year of Uni with two to go, and thought that in my vacation, I would learn to fly."

"Learning to fly is something that I have wanted to do since I was a kid. The main reason for doing this now is my Dad. He was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer about 7 to 8 years ago, and was told that he had 3 to live. With all of the negatives of cancer, the positive that came out of it was the fact that life is too short. If you want to do something, you have got to get in there and do it!"

"I had seen the Flight School advertizing before on the net after I had a joy flight in a Nanchang for my 21st birthday, but it wasn't until I went to The Aviation Museum at Parafield with my uncle a few months ago, that it sparked my interest again. I began to understand that if you don't take things on when you are young, you lose your confidence as you get older. So, I decided to use the $5,000 that I had saved for 2 years on a student's income to fund my flight training during my holidays."

"The first week after my exams, I began my training. Everything was going well into the first few days, then I took to the air for the first time, by myself, for a solo flight. What a rush it is to be rolling into the air by yourself for the first time! It is worrying when you are told to go solo, but I found that with all of the checks and structure of circuits drilled into you, you have a good framework to be confident on."

"After ending the weekend on a high, I went to work as a bartender, to earn a bit more to fund some more lessons. After a late Friday night shift and the consecutive Saturday shift, I returned home feeling tired but happy to get some rest. None was to be had! I opened my front door to find my back door had been kicked in and my house had been burgled!"   

"After dealing with the police and insurance companies, I learnt that I was covered for the stolen items but not the money that I had saved for my flying lessons!  Fortunately for me, my parents decided to help me and I continued with my flying lessons. Luckily, I am set on a good career path and I will be able to pay them back in the next few years."

Luke....First solo and on to a new Recreational Licence....Awesome

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Scenic Joy Flight Adelaide

Imagine the joy and sheer romance of a gentle flight at 1,000 feet along the scenic Adelaide south coast with a delicious sunset as your personal backdrop.

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