Making Friends

I am sat at the keyboard prevaricating. I don’t know where to begin or what to say.

I found it so easy before, to just chat to the program, like an old friend. I felt no awareness that anyone would ever read my words and have access to my feelings. 

There is no clock at the side of the story to alert the reader to the time of day. Unable to sleep and uncomfortable with my thoughts I can often log in and begin to write at 3 in the morning, or I can hide in a back office and write while Jan or one of the guys takes over my place at the front desk. 

So, for the past few months and over the past year I have said very little as the website was upgraded and a new version of the website writing program was installed, Farcry 5. I have got busy and got used to not talking! 

Making friends again with this new program….I am reading to my left a ‘dot point’ list from Leo telling me what to do…. 

1. Username    Gaylene 

2. Password     ******* 

3. Open Farcry and click the Content tab 

4. Click News and click Add 

Mmmmm, here we go…..and I mustn’t forget to Click Save!!

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