Matthew Wallace....First Solo

Matthew is fifteen years old and studying at Willunga High School.

"My ambition is to become a pilot and I have already selected the subjects for the next three years that are prerequisites to study the Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation) at the University of South Australia."

"I first started flying when I received a gift certificate for one training lesson in an Evektor SportStar aircraft for a Christmas present in 2007 from my parents. I can still remember that first flight and what an exhilarating feeling it was. Once my Instructor and I had landed, all I could think was, "Wow, that was amazing!"

"I had always thought that when I left school, I would join The Army, but after my first flying lesson I knew that I wanted to be a pilot. When I arrived at Aldinga Airfield, I was filled with anticipation and was eager to fly. My Instructor first sat me down and briefed me on my lesson, I was going to practice the effects of controls, and after we had finished my brief, we went to the aircraft that I was going to be flying. My Instructor then proceeded to show me how to complete my pre-flight inspection, check all control surfaces and look out for any irregularities in the body of the aircraft."

"With each lesson passing and my flying hours climbing, I became more and more excited about achieving my Recreational Licence. It seems like a daunting task, but it is a task that I really want to achieve!"

"In July 2007, I started my first part-time job, working in a butcher's shop in McLaren Vale. I had been saving money for a car and a house deposit, but after my first flying lesson, I started to save money so that I could continue flying. To date, I have had help with funding from my parents and my grandparents."

"The Forces have always been my choice as a career for when I leave school, whether it was in the RAAF, Navy, Army or Police Force."

Matt, with the biggest grin with Karl and Martyn after he had completed his first solo....

Karl and Matt preparing the SportStar for the next lesson....

"My first solo flight.....As soon as the Instructor had left the plane I was overwhelmed with excitement. I was nervous but not scared, I knew I could do what was needed and I did it perfectly! I only did one circuit around the airfield, but it felt like it took a lifetime. It took me a while to gather up my nerves and to finally take off, but it was worth it, the feeling was sensational, I was disappointed when it had ended, I could have flown all day if it was possible!"


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