Oliver Thomas....First Solo

"Martyn's words to me were....you'll be back!"

"I was given a Gift Voucher for an aerobatic flight for my birthday and that was what started it! I was with Martyn, we went down the coast and had a look at the coastline, then he let me have the controls. My Dad went up as well, straight after me. I booked for my first lesson a couple of months later!"

Oliver is 27 years old and is a Physiotherapist, having studied at UniSA in Adelaide for 5 years. "After the aerobatic flight, I researched and realized that it was do-able. I had always wanted to fly, but I didn't really look into it!"

"My dream is to get my Commercial Pilot Licence."

Oliver's wife Kylie, supports his flying and knows that he is passionate about it! Kylie is the current Australian Sport Aerobic Champion and has won the World Cup in Holland the week prior to flying to Moscow for the 2008 World Championships, where she finished 3rd. Awesome!   www.fisaf-oz.com.au 

The sport in Australia is fully self funded, so they are both prepared to go the 'extra mile' to achieve their dreams!


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Scenic Joy Flight Adelaide

Imagine the joy and sheer romance of a gentle flight at 1,000 feet along the scenic Adelaide south coast with a delicious sunset as your personal backdrop.

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