Skittle Alley

A Vintage Game .... The Skittle Alley is all ready to go for Saturday night at 1700 for practice, first bowl goes down at 1730! Skittles are standing, but even as we walk past just a quick bowl to practice, don't tell! No-one will know if I just throw only one down .... missed again!

The pork, sage, oregano and thyme sausages are being made by our bacon butcher locally, (Pig in a Blanket in a new twist) the rubber balls polished, the tables shined, the barley straw whisked up tidy, Skittle Teams are laying down their names ready for the score sheet .... The Hurricanes, The OysterCatchers .... and more ....

Our Kitchen smells amazing today with the orange, lemon, rum soaked fruit and heady spices of the Christmas Fruit and Rum Cake to go into the Auction....

Call me in the Flight Office 08 8556 5404 and book in

See you there


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Scenic Joy Flight Adelaide

Imagine the joy and sheer romance of a gentle flight at 1,000 feet along the scenic Adelaide south coast with a delicious sunset as your personal backdrop.

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