Tim Pech.... First Solo

"I am in my 4th year of a Plumbing and Gas Fitting Apprenticeship. I did a 6 month course at TAFE, Pre Vocational Training and was lucky to secure an apprenticeship with TAPS.    ww.tapssa.com.au 

"I have always wanted to be a Commercial Pilot and thought that it wasn't possible, unless I could win a place in the RAAF. I knew that Jesse was flying and after chatting to him, he said that it was about beginning and just flying lesson by lesson."

"I began learning to fly in the Sport Cub. I think it's easy! It's a pretty and well designed aeroplane! My first solo was on a beautiful day! Martyn was my Instructor, and right at the end of my lesson he told me to backtrack Runway 26, he hopped out and said, 'See you back at the office!'"

"It was a really good day! My life was in my own hands now and I knew that I had to perform. I didn't want to do a bad landing! The thing that stood out the most was the climb performance of the aeroplane, and it had a lot more stability."

"I am focussing on achieving my Commercial Pilot Licence."

Tim in the Sport Cub....

Way to go Tim.....

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Scenic Joy Flight Adelaide

Imagine the joy and sheer romance of a gentle flight at 1,000 feet along the scenic Adelaide south coast with a delicious sunset as your personal backdrop.

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