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Warbird Adventure Flights come to Adelaide Biplanes!

Adventure flights in the military CJ6A Nanchang are now available with Adelaide Biplanes. This is your chance to fly in a genuine ex-military Warbird.

Experience the thrill and raw power of the military flying world, no soft option here, this is the real thing. Supercharged Radial Engine, retractable gear and fighter like performance guarantee an experience you will not forget.

Your flight will start with a short briefing and then the introduction to the aircraft you will fly your sortie along the stunning coastline of the northern Fleurieu Peninsula incorporating as much aerobatics as you are up for!  Feel the G’s, and imagine yourself in another world.  If there is a latent fighter pilot in you then this is the flight for you.

Flights are priced at $500 for a half hour flight including aerobatics, and as an introductory special offer we will give you a bottle of top quality Aviator Wine valued at $30. Offer expires 31st December 2016.

Gift vouchers available, book now for Christmas.


The design manufacture and airworthiness of this aircraft are not required to meet any safety standard recognised by CASA. CASA does not require this aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircraft on a commercial passenger flight. Passengers fly in this aircraft at their own risk.

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