Recreational Flying Advanced Pilot Award

Got your licence and miss the learning? Yes, you would be like most pilots, that once hooked on aviation you will want to learn more and more. A great first step would be to gain your Advanced Pilot Award.

This advanced training will guide you through things like steep lazy eights, stalls out of climbing and gliding turns, advance sideslipping etc etc. It will take your skills to a whole new level and undoubtably make you a safer and more confident pilot. We will look at engine failure after takeoff, and the turn back manoeuvre - when you can and when you cannot!! This is how to maximise your chances of a safe outcome in an emergency situation.

You will need to know your aircraft well....some study of the flight manual will be required, good knowledge of weight and balance is also essential. Expect to spend up to five hours training for this award. As always time will vary with competency.

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Scenic Joy Flight Adelaide

Imagine the joy and sheer romance of a gentle flight at 1,000 feet along the scenic Adelaide south coast with a delicious sunset as your personal backdrop.

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