Trial Instructional Flight

Did you ever want to take the controls of an aircraft without learning to fly? Or did you want to give a gift of a trial flight - Gift Vouchers ....

Adelaide Biplanes can offer this awesome experience to you. You don't need any experience whatsoever and as long as you can reach the controls there is no age limitation at all. The hardest thing will be choosing the aircraft that you would like to fly. We offer a variety of aircraft to choose from.


Cubcrafters Sport Cub

Cessna 172

PA18  Super Cub 

Boeing Stearman Biplane

There is more information on all of these aircraft in the Our Aeroplanes section of the website.

When you arrive at the airfield we will give a short informal briefing and you will be behind the controls and flying within about half an hour. Awesome....

All  you will need to do is give the Flight Office a call and book a time. We will do the rest for you....

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Aerobatic Flight Adelaide

An aerobatic joy flight offers a totally unique, adrenalin-pumping experience, that literally puts all your senses on overload.

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