Recreational Pilots Licence

RAAus to RPL?

So now the new Part 61 licensing rules are here and likely to stay! What does that mean to us as pilots?

Well, fond as we are of criticising our beloved regulator ,these new rules offer us some fairly significant benefits if we wish to further our aviation dreams.

In essence our RAAus Pilot Certificate and all endorsements are now transferrable across to the new Recreational Pilot Licence. The process involved is fortunately not too onerous, difficult or expensive! The transfer is a combination of a paperwork exercise to apply for the licence, the obtaining of both an Aviation Reference Number and either a Class 2 Medical or a GP issued Recreational Medical, then simply sufficient training to become competent in the chosen aircraft and a Flight Review.

Once you hold your Part 61 Recreational Pilot Licence you will be able to fly any single engine aircraft up to a MTOW of 1500kgs. Day time VFR, OCTA unless endorsed. This opens up a whole new world of aircraft including but not limited to:- C172, C182, PA-18, PA-28, all the RV series including the RV10, Tiger Moth , Great Lakes and just about any other light aircraft you can think of! This is a huge step forwards for the future of light aeroplanes. There may well be some normalisation of second hand aircraft prices as people start to work out what they can actually now fly.

The down side is of course that owner maintenance is heavily restricted , and you do have to hold some sort of medical. Set against that there are no recurrent membership or registration fees, and the durability and performance of the aeroplanes available may be considerably enhanced.

So what is our angle on this ? Well as a “dual school” we see the possibilities of new pilots training RAAus more financially viable and then a real progression available, from say a Sport Cub to a Super Cub to a Decathlon for CSU and aerobatics , maybe then to the venerable Tiger Moth or even the new Great Lakes. In the nosewheel world you could learn Sportstar, on then to the Cessna 172 or Cessna 182 RG Retractable.

Here at Adelaide Biplanes we are able to offer training for all of the above, the margins between GA and RAAus are ever more blurry! Take advantage of this relaxation of the rules, move on and up, fly the dream!