Adelaide Biplanes


Scenic Joy Flight

Imagine the joy and sheer romance of an open cockpit flight along the stunning McLaren Vale wine region's coastline.....
"Our WACO Biplane ... powerful, raw, timelessly sensual, breathtaking and awe-inspiring"

Tiger Moth Joy Flight

Savour the very special experience of a unique joy flight in one of the world's most legendary, historic and iconic aircraft
"Fly the dream, fly the history, fly the legend and the DH82 Tiger Moth."

Aerobatic Flight

An aerobatic joy flight offers a totally unique, adrenalin-pumping experience, that literally puts all your senses on overload.
"like a premium racing car for the sky that is just as happy flying upside down as the right way up"

Flying School

Learn to fly. Ever thought of learning to fly? Or learning more about flying? Then let our expert flying school instructors teach you.
"... motivating, challengingly-fun, inspiringly-easy going and safe"

Charter Flights

We offer Charter Flights for that important trip throughout Adelaide and Australia - whether it be for business or pleasure.
"Choose from our PC12 Jetprop, PA31 Piper Navajo, Cirrus SR22 or Cessna 172"

Hire and Fly

Most of the aircraft are available for self fly hire (subject to competency, endorsements and currency).
"Travel where you want, when you want in style and comfort"

Trial Instructional Flight

Did you ever want to take the controls of an aircraft without learning to fly?

Flight Office and Kitchen

Just imagine being sat in the briefing room studying the art of flying, with the intoxicating smell of chocolate chip cookies being baked in the kitchen .... Mmmm!
"We homebake everything in our kitchen....just like 'Mum' used to do in her 1940's kitchen..."
  • Scenic Joy Flight
  • Tiger Moth Flight
  • Aerobatic Flight
  • Flying School
  • Charter Flights
  • Hire and Fly
  • Trial Instructional Flight
  • Flight Office and Kitchen
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