Scenic Biplane Flights

Imagine the joy and sheer romance of an open cockpit flight along the stunning McLaren Vale wine region’s coastline…..Choose from our 4 biplanes experience

WACO biplane – 1930’s designed

There are any number of very special reasons why people book a flight in our exciting, powerful and timelessly sensual WACO biplane.

For some, it is indeed about sharing a highly romantic and truly unique experience with a very special person.

For others, it’s about giving an ultimate gift that is certainly different, is high on the “wow” factor and which delivers unadulterated 24 carat indulgence.

“… powerful, raw, timelessly sensual, breathtaking and 

There are those for whom a WACO flight is all about terrific views from the open cockpit of a fabulous aeroplane that even sounds and smells great.

Once aloft, you will be immediately surrounded by a rich panorama of vineyards, hills, cliffs, the ocean, unspoiled white beaches and the magnificent sky itself. All viewed from your open cockpit and with the wind in your hair.  

Of course, there are others who are real flying enthusiasts who want to savour the nostalgic experience of a classic biplane and a magical bygone era in aviation.

The Adelaide Biplanes’ WACO … Awesome!

Great Lakes biplane – 1920’s designed

This nimble machine will perform exhilarating manoeuvres fulfilling any thrill seekers looking for an aerobatic flight, but will also be perfect for a more subdue – no rolls or outside loops – just enjoy a beautiful scenic flight in a sassy open cockpit biplane

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Tiger Moth – built in 1940

Our Tiger, the eptome of a classic biplane trainer with a long history to match.

Speed is not what a Tiger is all about, it’s more of a nostalgia thing, the blattering of the straight out exhaust, the wistle of the wind in the wires and the buffeting of the slipstream in your face, that’s what a Tiger is about.

The Adelaide Biplanes Tiger Moth – Awesome

Boeing Stearman – 1942 US Navy Trainer

The Boeing Stearman is available for a Trial Instructional Flight

So why not call us today to make a booking or to find out more.