Recreational Aviation Training

Learning to fly a
Recreational Aircraft

For most people a Recreational Pilot Certificate is the first step for you learning to fly. This qualification counts fully towards any higher licence that you may aspire to. You will either start your training in a nosewheel or tailwheel aeroplane, this will be one of your first decisions. Nosewheel training is conducted in our Evektor Harmony. You can expect as a very rough average to take 40 hours or so to achieve the basic certificate standard (subject to your competency).

If you would like to fly tailwheel, then your aircraft choice becomes either the Champ or the Sport Cub. Whilst you can expect your initial progress may be a little slower, you will certainly come out a more skilled “stick and rudder” pilot. 

The minimum hours training for this certificate is 30 hours total, (including the Passenger Endorsement). You are required to join Recreational Aviation Australia after the first 3 lessons. The only medical requirement is to sign a declaration that you are fit enough to hold an Australian Drivers Licence when you apply to join RAAus.

From initial qualification you will likely progress to a Passenger Carrying Endorsement and then onwards towards a Navigation Endorsement to enable you to spread your wings beyond the initial 25 nm  limit.

What about the theory? …. Theory for the Recreational Certificate is fairly basic, but important.  We will help you through it and give you all the right pointers to be able to pass the in-house Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, or BAK exam.  However, you will have to be prepared to read and study the appropriate text books in your own time.  You can purchase all the necessary publications from us at Adelaide Biplanes.

Format of the lessons? …. The lessons are based around a nominal 1 hour airborne.  This may vary slightly day to day due to weather, student’s progress and indeed the content of  the particular lesson.  In order to allow plenty of time for pre-flight and post flight briefings, we allow a full 2 hour slot for both aircraft and Instructor per booking.  When learning for the Navigation Endorsement, the booking time may stretch out to 3 hours.

The hardest part is walking in the door and booking your first lesson to begin your journey!

Recreational Advanced Pilot Award

Got your licence and miss the learning? …. Yes, you would be like most pilots, that once hooked on aviation you will want to learn more and more. A great first step would be to gain your Advanced Pilot Award.

This advanced training will guide you through things like steep lazy eights, stalls out of climbing and gliding turns, advance sideslipping etc etc. It will take your skills to a whole new level and undoubtedly make you a safer and more confident pilot. We will look at engine failure after takeoff, and the turn back manoeuvre – when you can and when you cannot!! This is how to maximise your chances of a safe outcome in an emergency situation.

You will need to know your aircraft well …. some study of the flight manual will be required, good knowledge of weight and balance is also essential. Expect to spend up to five hours training for this award. As always time will vary with competency.