Tiger Moth Biplane

Our Tiger, the epitome of a classic biplane trainer with a long history to match. Built in September 1940 as a military basic trainer, the aeroplane has survived the passage of some 70 years in remarkable condition.

Last rebuilt in 1996 by Harvey McBain of Nelson Aeroplane Co., she now sports a splendid yellow paint scheme with silver wings. The pictures above are with the old paint scheme.
Powered by a Gipsy Major 4 cylinder inverted inline engine of 130 horse power, she is capable of the dizzying cruise speed of a little more than 70 knots! But speed is not what a Tiger is all about, it’s more of a nostalgia thing, the blattering of the straight out exhaust, the whistle of the wind in the wires and the buffeting of the slipstream in your face, that’s what flying in a Tiger is about. She is a lovely, gentle old lady, a little ponderous in roll and marginally stable in pitch with a tendency to wag her tail if not kept in check by timely rudder inputs. 
Our Tiger is available now for joyflights and for training, although we insist that trainees are competent in the Super Cub prior to undertaking Tiger training.

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Registration Number: VH-UEQ