Tiger Moth Biplane

Our Tiger, the epitome of a classic biplane trainer with a long history to match. Built in September 1940 as a military basic trainer, the aeroplane has survived the passage of some 85 years in remarkable condition.

Last rebuilt in 2021 by Harvey McBain of Nelson Aeroplane Company, she now sports a splendid yellow paint scheme, with copies of the original RAAF decals.
Powered by a Gipsy Major 4 cylinder inverted inline engine of 145 horse power, she is capable of the dizzying cruise speed of a little more than 70 knots! But speed is not what a Tiger is all about, it’s more of a nostalgia thing, the blattering of the straight out exhaust, the whistle of the wind in the wires and the buffeting of the slipstream in your face, that’s what flying in a Tiger is about. She is a lovely, gentle old lady, a little ponderous in roll and marginally stable in pitch with a tendency to wag her tail if not kept in check by timely rudder inputs.

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Registration Number: VH-UEQ