Flying School

Ever thought of learning to fly? Or learning more about flying? Then let our expert Flying School Instructors teach you.

At Adelaide Biplanes, we have a passion for pretty much everything there is to do with aeroplanes. And to help pass that love on to others, we set out to create a very special and very different Flying School at our home base at Aldinga Airfield.

From the very start, our aim was to build a school that would be the most motivating, challengingly-fun, inspiringly-easy going and safe place to learn the aviation art.

For newcomers to flight we also wanted a school that would clearly prove that gaining a Pilot Licence is certainly not hard, is eminently achievable, and is not something that should be at all intimidating.

We also thought about those people who have done some training in the past – perhaps to Private Pilot Licence level. For them, we wanted to create a place that would put the excitement back into flying and re-invigorate their own desire to learn and do more.

And thus was born the Adelaide Biplanes Flying School. A vision of CEO and Chief Pilot Martyn Smith – a 20,000 plus hours flying veteran of some 35 years – whose earlier career included 15 years as Training Captain with UK based International Airlines. 

Under his professional tutelage, our training programs cover anything from Recreational Aircraft, to General Aviation and General Aerobatics and Tailwheel Endorsements.

“… the most motivating, challengingly-fun,
inspiringly-easy going and safe place
to learn the aviation art”

Programs that all strongly benefit from the Adelaide Biplanes’ way of doing things and the very unique training facilities that we offer.

For example, we are fully aware that learning to fly during normal business hours is, for many people, either impractical or impossible. So while you can indeed take to the air at Aldinga Airfield between ‘9 and 5’, we will also schedule your personal lessons before work, after work and at weekends. Weather and light permitting, you can learn when you want to and which may well be when other schools are closed. 

There is also the very distinct advantages offered by Aldinga itself. Because it is a non-controlled aerodrome, there are no air traffic delays, it’s a singularly relaxed, stress free and low cost locale at which to learn. It’s also a much easier and simpler airfield than most. The vintage surroundings will only add to the special experiences you will quickly come to enjoy.

What’s more, you will also find that the Adelaide Biplanes Flying School goes to great lengths to foster a club-like atmosphere that is highly welcoming. It is our belief that when you are on the ground at Aldinga Airfield, it should be almost as pleasurable as when you are aloft.

So why not call us today to make a booking or to find out more.